Oct 29, 2018

What is hackerspace good for?

A hackerspace, then, is a physical location, where members of the hackerspace community pool their resources (time, money, tools, equipment and supplies) in order to create a collaborative environment for learning, exploring, teaching, doing, and inventing.

Common features of hackerspaces include: A well-lit, accessible physical environment, with plenty of tabletops and workbenches; a video projector for presentations; small hand tools; electronic tools, including soldering irons, multimeters, oscilloscopes, benchtop power supplies, and more; machining and physical fabrication tools, including drill presses, band saws, grinders, CNC mills, CNC lathes, 3D printers, and related goods; scientific supplies and equipment; a lending library of books and journals; and of course, plenty of computers and computing equipment. Hackerspaces also tend to have a "spare parts" area where equipment is stored and intended to be taken apart, hacked, modified, or scavenged for parts for another project.