Nov 1, 2018

Major Open Source Business Intelligence Tools


Birt is part of an open source eclipse project. It is sponsored by actuate and receives contributions from IBM and innovent solutions. Its several components make it a great tool. It has report designer and BIRT runtime, but most interesting are its chart engine, chart designer and viewer. You can develop and publish reports as a standalone solution.

Jasper report

Jasper is made of several components such as jasper report library, iReport report designer, jasper report studio and jasper report server. Jasper report is one of the most popular and widely used open sources reporting tool. Jasper report uses a pixel perfect approach in viewing and printing its reports.


Pentaho works as a complete business intelligence tool which covers ganut from reporting to data mining. Pentaho has a rich feature set which organizations can use very easily. It uses reports in various formats like PDF, HTML and more. This project also provides a community with forum, jira bug tracker and some other collaboration options.

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