Nov 1, 2018

Dynamic Jasper Report

In Jasper reports the creation of the Jrxml template is tedious and it takes some time to learn. You need to use some kind of tool like iReport to create the Jasper templates and then use them. Maintaining and modifying will not be easy till you master it. And using this for dynamic report become difficult and dynamically creating the Jrxml programmatically is a challenging task.

For such needs Dynamic Jasper is available for rescue. This reduces the complexity of creating Jrxml templates manually. We will be able to generate Jrxml programmatically using API. Also the reports can be generated on the fly by defining the columns at run time. This is so much flexible that the columns, column width, font, and styles every thing can be dynamic. Also it is flexible you will be able to reuse the existing Jrxml templates.

The Dynamic Jasper report support many output formats like Excel, CSV, XML, PDF, HTML , RTF, Text etc.. It supports many data sources like JDBC, EJB, Java Bean etc.,