Nov 1, 2018

Payara Micro - a production ready Java EE runtime that is fundamentally small, auto-clustering and easy to use

Payara Micro is to turn the idea of application servers on its head and change the perception that they are large, complex and unwieldy environments for building server side applications.

Payara Micro allows you to run war files from the command line, without any application server installation. It is a new way of running Java EE applications.

You can start a Payara Micro instance and deploy a file with a single command:

java -jar payara-micro.jar --deploy test.war

Payara Micro is small, only 58MB in size and incredibly simple to use. With its automatic and elastic clustering it is designed for running Java EE applications in a modern containerized/virtualized infrastructure using automated provisioning tools like Chef, Ansible or Puppet. As each Payara Micro server will automatically cluster with other servers on the network your Java EE application can be elastically scaled horizontally by adding and removing containers based on demand.