Jan 6, 2016

Example of Java EE Bean managed Transactions / User Transaction

In Java EE, Container-Managed Transactions are very convenient. But sometimes you want more fine control of your transactions. Then you can use Bean-Managed Transactions, or user transaction:

How to refresh Netbeans workspace

In Eclipse, you can refresh workspace by pressing F5.

Within NetBeans:

select "Source" > "Scan for External Changes"


Go To Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Files and check Enable-auto-scanning of source.

Jan 5, 2016

Jan 4, 2016

How to activate your iOS iPhone or iPad's Night Mode feature


Go to the Settings app and enter the General, Accessibility, Zoom menu. Tap the Show Controller switch so it goes green, and the Idle Visibility menu shows up below it.
Now, tap the Zoom switch above so it goes green. The screen may zoom in and a dark circle with arrows will appear.

Tap on the dark circle and a menu will pop up. First, move the slider all the way to the left so you don't get needless zoom. Then, tap Choose Filter, and select Low Light.

Tap anywhere on the screen (but not on the zoom controller itself) to make the menu disappear. Then, find the Show Controller switch, and turn it off. Now you can use it in low light conditions without straining your eyes. But if it isn't for some reason, find the Full Screen Zoom option, and set it to Full Screen Zoom.

To set a short cut for the steps, just go back to the Accessibility menu, and find the Accessibility Shortcut option at the bottom. Set it to Zoom, and you'll be able to toggle Low Light mode on and off with a quick triple press of the Home button.


Abstraction is when you translate the equations, the rules, and the underlying essences of the problem not only into a language that can be communicated to your friend standing with you in an elevator, but also into a form that can percolate down and dwell in your subconscious.

Abstraction is important because it is your subconscious that makes the miraculous leaps of inspiration, not your perspiration or your logic. And unlike you, your subconscious does not understand JavaScript code.

Use aliases to add email addresses to your Microsoft account

An alias is an additional email address for your Microsoft account. It uses the same inbox, contact list and account settings as the primary alias. You can sign in to your account with any alias – they all use the same password. You can send emails from an alias whether you’re using an email app such as Outlook or a device such as a phone.

An alias is also the best way to change your email address, but keep all your emails. Add an alias, then make the new alias primary. Then you can keep or remove the original alias. If you have a @hotmail.com, @live.com or @MSN.com email address and would like to add a new email address, the best way is to add an alias.

Jodd - set of Java micro frameworks, tools and utilities

The Unbearable Lightness of Java

Designed with common sense to make things simple, but not simpler.

Java Micro Frameworks

Java Micro Frameworks, like Jodd, Spark (not Apache Spark) or Ninja Framework. Even lighter than Dropwizard or Spring Boot. 

This doesn't mean that you can't build microservices on Play Framework or other full on frameworks, just that some applications can now be built on ridiculously small frameworks. 

such as JHipsterJavaliteRatpack, and Vert.x.