Sep 13, 2018

PrimeElements - Web Components

Web Components is a collection of four specifications to create reusable user interface components. These different technologies are Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, Html Imports and Templates. Modern browsers provide native implementations and javascript libraries called pollyfills are available to use them on older browsers. There are some libraries to create web components easily such as Google Polymer or Mozilla X-Tag while providing additional features.

PrimeElements is an add-on library for PrimeUI that only uses the Custom Elements technology. PrimeElements are based on X-Tag APIs, a simple and lightweight library to create cross browser custom elements.

PrimeElements is a library not a framework, features such as data binding, validation, routing are out of scope since they can be provided by your framework of choice. As they are regular html elements, there are various use cases including integration with a simple REST backend, a javascript mvc framework or implementation in a server side rendering web framework such as PHP, JSP, RoR, Django, ASP.NET MVC, Spring MVC, JavaEE MVC and many more. Advanced cases such as hybrid mobile apps and offline support is also possible since there is no dependency to a server side api.