Sep 13, 2018

Tips of Angular.js you should know

Tips of Angular.js

  • $($0).scope() is the code to use if you want to see the scope that is associated with the element and all its properties.
  • The properties that have been inherited from the parent scope will not show up, but if you want to see them, you can always type their names.
  • To look for the properties of the parent scope, use the code $($0).scope().$parent.
  • $($0).scope().$root is the code to use in order to look at the properties of the root code.
  • If there is a directive you have highlighted with the isolate scope, you can look at its properties using the code $($0).isolateScope()
  • If you have a highlighted element inside an isolated scope, the code $($0).scope() will show what is available