Sep 13, 2018

Web redirection: Meta Refresh vs 301 Redirect

Meta Refresh vs 301 Redirects

How to redirect by Meta Refresh Tag:

   <meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=">

in the head of your page copy. The number is a measure of time to redirect the browser to the new location.

What is the problem with using a Meta Refresh Tag?
One of the bigger problems with this is that it is a common spam technique. Some people suggest setting the meta refresh to at least 5 seconds to avoid any ranking penalty.

In addition Google will show the URL of the original page in the search results if it has a higher PageRank than the location of the destination page.

How to redirect by 301:
A 301 redirect is a perminant change of location code. It tells a search engine spider that a page or website has moved.

Redirect permanent /

The 301 redirect code goes inside a .htaccess file either at the root level or in a local level. Or in your web server's configuration file. You can also use a 301 redirect to move just a single page.
Redirect permanent /oldpage.htm