Nov 5, 2017

Sample software use case

Suppose that you are creating a social networking application. You want to create a feature that enables an administrator to perform any kind of action, such as sending a message, on members of the social networking application that satisfy certain criteria. The following is sample use case in detail:

NamePerform action on selected members
Primary ActorAdministrator
PreconditionsAdministrator is logged in to the system.
PostconditionsAction is performed only on members that fit the specified criteria.
Main Success Scenario
  1. Administrator specifies criteria of members on which to perform a certain action.
  2. Administrator specifies an action to perform on those selected members.
  3. Administrator selects the Submit button.
  4. The system finds all members that match the specified criteria.
  5. The system performs the specified action on all matching members.
Extensions1a. Administrator has an option to preview those members who match the specified criteria before he or she specifies the action to be performed or before selecting the Submit button.
Frequency of OccurrenceMany times during the day.