Sep 14, 2018

server_uuid in MySQL 5.6+


Beginning with MySQL 5.6, the server generates a true UUID in addition to the --server-id supplied by the user. This is available as the global, read-only variable server_uuid.
System VariableNameserver_uuid
Variable ScopeGlobal
Dynamic VariableNo
Permitted ValuesTypestring
When starting, the MySQL server automatically obtains a UUID as follows:
  1.  Attempt to read and use the UUID written in the file data_dir/auto.cnf (where data_dir is the server's data directory).
  2. If data_dir/auto.cnf is not found, generate a new UUID and save it to this file, creating the file if necessary.
The auto.cnf file has a format similar to that used for my.cnf or my.ini files. In MySQL 5.6, auto.cnf has only a single [auto] section containing a single server_uuid setting and value; the file's contents appear similar to what is shown here:
The value of the master's UUID is available on the slave in the output of SHOW SLAVE STATUS.