Sep 13, 2018

Google BigQuery now with Standard SQL

BigQuery is Google Cloud Platform’s serverless analytics data warehouse. It's used by thousands of companies — both big and small — to store, understand, and analyze large amounts of data. 

If you're familiar with the SQL standard or have used another standard-compliant SQL engine, you’ll feel right at home with the Beta of BigQuery’s revamped SQL dialect. Notable features that we’ve added with this new dialect include:
  • More advanced query planning and optimization: BigQuery now provides very robust decorrelation, which allows you to write complex subqueries in any clause of your SQL statement (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, etc.)
  • A richer type system with fully composable types: In addition to the existing data types BigQuery users are used to, we’ve added dates, times, arrays and structs, as well as additional support for timestamps
  • Extended JOIN support: BigQuery now supports Theta JOIN, which offers the ability to use inequalities in your join key comparisons, as well as arbitrary expressions as JOIN conditions.