Sep 19, 2018

How to fix: s3cmd sync: remote copy the wrong files to the wrong locations

Pay attention to directory names, specifically trailing slashes.
s3cmd documentation

With directories there is one thing to watch out for – you can either upload the directory and its contents or just the contents. It all depends on how you specify the source.
To upload a directory and keep its name on the remote side specify the source without the trailing slash:
~/demo$ s3cmd put -r dir1 s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/
dir1/file1-1.txt -> s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/dir1/file1-1.txt  [1 of 2]
dir1/file1-2.txt -> s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/dir1/file1-2.txt  [2 of 2]
On the other hand to upload just the contents, specify the directory it with a trailing slash:
~/demo$ s3cmd put -r dir1/ s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/
dir1/file1-1.txt -> s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/file1-1.txt  [1 of 2]
dir1/file1-2.txt -> s3://s3tools-demo/some/path/file1-2.txt  [2 of 2]
Important — in both cases just the last part of the path name is taken into account. In the case of dir1 without trailing slash (which would be the same as, say, ~/demo/dir1 in our case) the last part of the path is dir1 and that’s what’s used on the remote side, appended after s3://s3…/path/ to make s3://s3…/path/dir1/….
On the other hand in the case of dir1/ (note the trailing slash), which would be the same as ~/demo/dir1/ (trailing slash again) is actually similar to saying dir1/* – ie expand to the list of the files in dir1. In that case the last part(s) of the path name are the filenames (file1-1.txt and file1-2.txt) without the dir1/ directory name. So the final S3 paths are s3://s3…/path/file1-1.txt and s3://s3…/path/file1-2.txt respectively, both without the dir1/ member in them. 

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