Oct 10, 2018

WildFly Swarm - excellent microservice Java EE server

WildFly is a lightweight, flexible, feature rich, Java EE 7 compatible application server. WildFly has even introduced a lean 28MB Servlet-only distribution. The most recent version of WildFly is 10.0.0 which will be used as the foundation for JBoss EAP 7.0, Red Hat’s commercial Java EE server offering.

WildFly Swarm departs from a monolithic approach to application servers and offers a way to package and run Java EE applications by packaging them with just enough of the Java EE platform to “java -jar” your application. It allows you to build your own, custom feature Java EE runtime as a single executable jar (fat-jar) including all the dependencies of your application and run it directly on the JVM. In addition, it offers support for microservice patterns with Java EE by integrating with the Netflix OSS stack, metrics and health endpoints, LogStash, Swagger, single sign-on, and more.