Aug 25, 2018

[HDGEM] Why use API Gateway as a proxy for AWS APIs?

Here are a few great reasons to do so:

  1. You might want to enable your application to integrate with very specific functionality that an AWS service provides, without the need to manage access keys and secret keys that AWS APIs require.
  2. There may be application-specific restrictions you'd like to place on the API calls being made to AWS services that you would not be able to enforce if clients integrated with the AWS APIs directly.
  3. You may get additional value out of using a different HTTP method from the method that is used by the AWS service. For example, creating a GET request as a proxy in front of an AWS API that requires an HTTP POST so that the response will be cached.
  4. You can accomplish the above things without having to introduce a server-side application component that you need to manage or that could introduce increased latency. Even a lightweight Lambda function that calls a single AWS service API is code that you do not need to create or maintain if you use API Gateway directly as an AWS service proxy.

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