Aug 25, 2018

[HDGEM] Quantum theory needs your help

Those who are interested can go to or to contribute. The game takes about 10 minutes and is to run from 10 pm on Tuesday to 2:59 pm on Thursday Beijing time.
How to get involved
1 The test runs from 10 pm on Tuesday to 2:59 pm on Thursday, Beijing time;
2 You can play anywhere there is an internet connection-at home, on the bus, on the train, in the park;
3 To begin, go to or;
4 Click on "Contribute";
5 Click on "BIG Bell Quest";
6 Register/Sign up. If you register, on Nov 30 you will be notified about which laboratory used your sequences for their experiment;
7 Fill in the "+ Profile" in your user profile zone in the upper-right corner;
8 Try to pass all six levels of the BIG Bell Quest. Contribute for at least 10 minutes. Difficulty increases with each level. To create groups, go into your user profile in the "Account" section. You may create up to three groups. Pass the name of the group you created to your friends and tell them to enter that name in their profile accounts so that they can participate in your group and compete against you and the rest of your friends.

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