Oct 22, 2018


The text user interface tool nmtui can be used to configure bonding in a terminal window. Issue the following command to start the tool:

$ nmtui

The text user interface appears. Any invalid command prints a usage message.

To navigate, use the arrow keys or press Tab to step forwards and press Shift+Tab to step back through the options. Press Enter to select an option. The Space bar toggles the status of a check box.

From the starting menu, select Edit a connection. Select Add, the New Connection screen opens.

Select Bond and then Create; the Edit connection screen for the bond will open.

At this point slave interfaces will need to be added to the bond; to add these select Add, the New Connection screen opens. Once the type of Connection has been chosen select the Create button.

The slave's Edit Connection display appears; enter the desired slave's device name or MAC address in the Device section. If required, enter a clone MAC address to be used as the bond's MAC address by selecting Show to the right of the Ethernet label. Select the OK button to save the slave.

The name of the bond slave appears in the Slaves section. Repeat the above steps to add further slave connections.

Review and confirm the settings before selecting the OK button.

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