February 16, 2017

[HDGEM] Azure DocumentDB is a distributed document database.

Azure DocumentDB can be used in scenarios where other document stores such as MongoDB would be a good fit.


  • Documents are stored in JSON format, which makes them very easy to work with in a wide variety of programming languages.
  • Offers a range of consistency levels, ranging from strong consistency to eventual consistency. This makes it possible to adjust consistency to suit your application's needs.
  • MongoDB protocol support: Applications designed to be used with MongoDB can be connected to DocumentDB without any changes.
  • SQL Queries: Although DocumentDB is a non-relational data store, it supports SQL, so developers already familiar with database such as MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server can get up and running quickly. Since DocumentDB is non-relational, some SQL features such as joins work differently than developers might expect.


  • Price: at 25 cents per gigabyte, it is more than double the cost of Azure Tables' most expensive rate.
  • Scaling: While DocumentDB can scale to hold a large amount of data, document collections that will need to scale easily have to be created as partitioned collections from the beginning.

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