Oct 10, 2018

[HDGEM] Azure Table Storage is a distributed, high performance NoSQL key-value store.


  • All commits are automatically replicatied – 3 times in one geographic region, and 3 times in another. This ensures that data will still be available even if an entire datacenter goes dark.
  • Strong consistency – once data has been added or updated, all future accesses of that data will see the updated version. In contrast, some other NoSQL data stores only offer eventual consistency. In these cases, reads are not guaranteed to see the most recent updates.
  • Flexible schema – like other NoSQL data stores, Azure Tables does not require a fixed schema to be defined up front.
  • Can easily scale to store billions of entities while still providing good performance.
  • Affordable – prices range from 4.5 to 12 cents per gigabyte.


  • Each table contains only two indexed columns: a partition key and a row key. This means that you can only run queries based on these keys. You can't index any columns or properties of the rows you insert, and so can't run queries against them. This isn't always a deal breaker – it just means that Table Storage will be a good fit for some use cases, but not for others.

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