Oct 10, 2018

[HDGEM] How to Monetizing YouTube Videos

Connecting your YouTube account to an AdSense account

Learn which videos you can and can't monetize (basically there cannot be any copyrighted content in them, whether it's 3 seconds of background music or the TV playing a popular TV show on mute while you're speaking)

Uploading valuable content (the most popular YouTube stars are entertainers or edutainers - so creating fun content is definitely a place to start)

Watching your YouTube analytics closely to see what works and what doesn't (and, obviously, uploading more of what works)

Don't get me wrong - getting a lot of views is important. But there are so many viral YouTube videos that have barely earned any money because people simply don't click on the ads.

This is why it's key to draw in your target audience, not just some irrelevant users.

This is where it gets complicated: to draw your target audience's attention, it's beneficial to already have a lot of views. Which is what YouTubers usually struggle with.

A lot of them buy views, but YouTube forbids this, so do not do that.

Create valuable, quality content and eventually you will make it - if you're determined and lucky enough.

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