Oct 10, 2018

[HDGEM] Nogotofail is a network security testing tool

Google Nogotofail is a network traffic security testing tool.

Nogotofail is a network security testing tool designed to help developers and security researchers spot and fix weak TLS/SSL connections and sensitive cleartext traffic on devices and applications in a flexible, scalable, powerful way. It includes testing for common SSL certificate verification issues, HTTPS and TLS/SSL library bugs, SSL and STARTTLS stripping issues, cleartext issues, and more.

  •  It checks applications for known TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It scans SSL/TLS encrypted connections and checks whether they are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks. It can be set up as a router, VPN server, or proxy server.
  • URL: https://github.com/google/nogotofail

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