Oct 10, 2018

[HDGEM] Spark - A micro framework for creating web applications in Java 8 with minimal effort

Built for Productivity

Spark Framework is a simple and lightweight Java web framework built for rapid development. Spark was originally inspired by the web framework Sinatra, but it's intention isn't to compete with Sinatra, or other similar web frameworks in different languages. Sparks intention is to provide a pure Java alternative for developers that want to (or are required to), develop their web application in Java. Spark is built around Java 8's lambda philosophy, which makes a typical Spark application a lot less verbose than most application written in other Java web frameworks.

Spark focuses on being as simple and straight-forward as possible, without the need for cumbersome (XML) configuration, to enable very fast web application development in pure Java with minimal effort. It's a totally different paradigm when compared to the overuse of annotations for accomplishing pretty trivial stuff seen in other web frameworks.

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