Oct 7, 2018

[HDGEM] How to restart MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services

The following services are installed by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager:
  • MySQL Server
  • Tomcat Server.
Access the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager services using the script mysqlmonitorctl.sh/mysqlmonitor.bat which is installed in the root of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation directory. To see the available options, run the command mysqlmonitorctl.sh help .
The help parameter produces the following output:
usage: ./mysqlmonitorctl.sh help ./mysqlmonitorctl.sh (start|stop|status|restart) ./mysqlmonitorctl.sh (start|stop|status|restart) mysql ./mysqlmonitorctl.sh (start|stop|status|restart) tomcat help - this screen start - start the service(s) stop - stop the service(s) restart - restart or start the service(s) status - report the status of the service

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