Apr 19, 2017

[HDGEM] How to test a website's performance

  1. Visit http://webpagetest.org
  2. Choose a geographic location and a browser that matches as closely as possible to that of your visitors experiencing the slowness
  3. Enter an example URL and click Start Test. When it is complete save the result URL to share with others.

Advanced Testing: (customization such as direct to your origin server without cache):

  1. Visit http://webpagetest.org
  2. Enter an example URL
  3. Choose a the same location and browser as you did above
  4. Click "Advanced Settings" and then the "Script" tab
  5. Enter script to send traffic direct to your origin, for example:
setDns hdgem.com
navigate hdgem.com
You should replace with your origin server IP address. When both tests are complete, you can compare with them with the URLs provided.

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