Sep 26, 2018

[HDGEM] WebSockets represents a giant leap for real-time web applications with features like social feeds, multimedia chat, collaborative editing, multi-player gaming, stock updates, and more.

WebSockets is a protocol that provides full-duplex, bi-directional communications over a single TCP port.

The server no longer needs to wait for a request to come back before it sends new data; it can simply push the data to the client the moment it has new information. Tests have shown a 3:1 reduction in latency compared to polling solutions.

Because WebSockets creates a single connection and doesn't need multiple HTTP headers, WebSockets can provide anywhere from 500:1 to a 1000:1 reduction in unnecessary HTTP header traffic compared to HTTP polling solutions.

For more technical information on the WebSockets, you can read up on the HTML5 Web Sockets Specification.

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