Oct 7, 2018

[HDGEM] ZxJDBC—Using Python’s DB API via JDBC

The zxJDBC package provides an easy-to-use Python wrapper around JDBC. zxJDBC bridges two standards:

  1. JDBC is the standard platform for database access in Java.
  2. DBI is the standard database API for Python apps.

ZxJDBC, part of Jython, provides a DBI 2.0 standard compliant interface to JDBC. Over 200 drivers are available for JDBC (http://developers.sun.com/product/jdbc/drivers), and they all work with zxJDBC. High performance drivers are available for all major relational databases, including DB2, Derby, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, and Sybase. And drivers are also available for non-relational and specialized databases, too.

However, unlike JDBC, zxJDBC when used in the simplest way possible, blocks SQL injection attacks, minimizes overhead, and avoids resource exhaustion. In addition, zxJDBC defaults to using a transactional model (when available), instead of autocommit.

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