Sep 21, 2018

[HDGEM] Google Payment Request API is an open and cross-browser standard that replaces traditional checkout flows by allowing merchants to request and accept any payment in a single API call.

The Payment Request API is a system that is meant to eliminate checkout forms. It vastly improves user workflow during the purchase process, providing a more consistent user experience and enabling web merchants to easily leverage disparate payment methods. The Payment Request API is not a new payment method, nor does it integrate directly with payment processors; rather, it is a process layer whose goals are:
  • To let the browser act as intermediary among merchants, users, and payment methods
  • To standardize the payment communication flow as much as possible
  • To seamlessly support different secure payment methods
  • To work on any browser, device, or platform—mobile or otherwise
 The Payment Request API allows the web page to exchange information with the user agent while the user is providing input, before approving or denying a payment request.

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