May 17, 2017

[HDGEM] How to determine the profile while Firefox is running

To determine the profile of a currently-running Firefox instance in Windows, macOS or Linux,

  1. Click in the menu: Help > Troubleshooting Information.  A new tab will open.
  2. In the section Application Basics, find Profile Folder.
  3. Click the button Show Folder, Show Directory, or Show in Finder.  A native file browser window will open.
  4. Look at the name of the folder being displayed.  It will be some random characters, followed by a dot/period, followed by the current profile name.  For example, if the folder name is r99d1z7c.default, you are running in a profile named default, which is probably the first profile that was automatically created when Firefox was installed.  If the folder name is b5gkn7wd.Suzie, you are running in a profile named Suzie

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