Sep 19, 2018

How to Edit HTML to easily Add Gadget/Widget Sections Anywhere in Blogger

To add a gadget or widget section in your blogger blog, add the following code to your template html:
<b:section class='newsectionclass' id='uniquesectionid' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='yes'/><div style='clear: both;'/>
You can add a b:section tag anywhere between <body> and </body> in your blogger blog. See the table below about the b:section tag and its attributes;
<b:sectionb:section tag indicates the place or section to add widget/gadget in the blogger blog.
For adding gadget this code is a must.
You can add this tag anywhere in between the body tag of your blogger template.
class=’newsectionclass’The class of a b:section tag. It is better to use a unique class of this.
id=’uniquesectionid’The id of the b:section tag and it must be a unique one. This is also handy if you want to add custom CSS code for it.
maxwidgets=’1′Indicates the number of gadgets or widgets can be used inside the section. Value starts from 1.
If you do not use this then you can as many gadgets in the section as you like.
showaddelement=’yes’Values of showadddelement are yes and no.
If it is set yes; then you will see Add a Gadget link in the layout tab of your Blogger blog’s dashboard.
If it is set no; then you will not see Add a Gadget link in the layout tab of Blogger dashboard.
Yes it is that simple; just add the b:section tag inside your template and you can add gadgets or widgets in that section of your blogger template.