Sep 19, 2018

zure Content Delivery Network Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) lets you deliver secure, reliable content with a broad global reach and rich feature set with acceleration for dynamic content.

Content Delivery Network provides: 

Accelerated performance and improved availability
Global coverage with massive scalability
A simplified experience to enable Content Delivery Network from multiple providers
Content Delivery Network DSA, now generally available, improves the quality of the consumer experience by improving the load time of webpages with dynamic content. Users expect fast, reliable, and personalized web experiences independent of their browser, location, device, or network. However, the very innovations that make these experiences so engaging (for example, interactive content and apps) also slow webpage load times. DSA is specifically targeted to accelerate web content that is not cacheable, such as user credentials and personal data. While static object delivery mainly uses caching to improve speed, DSA focuses on optimizing the route and network between the requester and customer origin.