Sep 22, 2017

Get ready for a major music upgrade. Just open your Music app and try Apple Music for free. You can cancel anytime.

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Enjoy 40 million songs. Plus your iTunes library.
Apple Music for iOS 11 gives you instant access to a massive catalogue of songs — completely ad-free. And everything in your iTunes library, no matter where it came from, lives right alongside it.

Create playlists. Or listen to ours.
Be your own DJ by making playlists of your favourite songs, and listen to mixes Apple Music creates based on the music you like the most.

Stream ad-free radio.
Create your own stations from any song, artist, or album on Apple Music. Or, check out dozens of others in all your favourite genres. Every music station is ad-free with unlimited skips.

Discover personalized recommendations.
The more you listen, the more Apple Music can suggest songs, artists, and albums you might like. You can also create a profile to follow friends and see what they're into.

Listen anywhere. Online or off.
You can add up to 100,000 songs to your library — 10 times as many as Spotify. Then enjoy your music wherever you go and save cellular data by downloading it to your phone.

Join today, cancel anytime.
Student $4.99/mo.†
Individual $9.99/mo.
Family $14.99/mo.††

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