Google inbox Keyboard shortcuts

iGo to inbox
qOpen Hangouts and focus the search box
hOpen Hangouts and focus the conversation list
tCreate reminder
Shift bFocus on notification
Shift mOpen main menu
zUndo last action
Chat and Compose
Shift EscFocus latest chat or compose
Shift EscFocus main window (while in chat or compose)
Ctrl .Advance to next chat or compose
Ctrl ,Advance to previous chat or compose
Ctrl bBold
Ctrl iItalics
Ctrl uUnderline
Ctrl kInsert link
Ctrl Shift 7Numbered list
Ctrl Shift 8Bulleted list
Ctrl \Remove formatting
Ctrl EnterSend
EscCloses compose and deletes empty drafts
List navigation
Enter or oOpen
Esc or uClose
j or Next item
k or Previous item
HomeFirst item
nNext message
pPrevious message
Focused item
e or yMark done
] or [Mark done and advance
Shift pPin
aReply all
Shift aReply all in a new window
Shift rReply in a new window
!Report as spam
.Toggle move-to menu
Shift xSelect many items at once

Tip: Hit "Shift + ?" to see the keyboard shortcuts
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