Sep 17, 2018

Minimizing data preparation time is the key to unlocking the potential of your data quickly.

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service guides users through the five basic phases of the big data preparation process:

  • Ingest Data: To make sense of all your data you can easily create your own custom data set to work with from multiple data sets easily.
  • Discover Insights: Next you can leverage patterns and knowledge-based classifications to understand, correlate and enrich your data.
  • Publish the data for downstream applications: Oracle’s service lets you process data automatically from a number of sources then publish prepared data sets to a wide range of targets.
  • Govern the entire data preparation process: You can use the dashboard to monitor transformation activities. Real-time metrics and alerts tell you about the types of files being ingested and the size of those files.
  • Automate and reduce manual intervention: Reuse transformation scripts to prepare new data sets in a fast, continuous process.