Nov 7, 2017

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

  • Browsershots is a simple and very useful tool. It’s a free tool but it does provide functionalities you won’t find in any other tool, paid ones included.
  • Another cross-browser testing tool with a good list of browsers is Browser Sandbox which is only useful for Windows users.
  • With Net Renderer you can test your site in IE 5.5 to 11. It’s a quick and straightforward tool, though it doesn’t come with tons of features.
  • Microsoft Edge is a complete platform that goes beyond testing in IE only. As a matter of fact, it offers screenshots of your site in other browsers and on various mobile devices, too.
  • My DebugBar, also known as IETester, is one more tool to use if you want to test in IE. Unlike Net Renderer, this is a 60MB desktop app. It requires download and works only on Windows.

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