Nov 4, 2017

Google Blogger is built on five basic concepts

  1. Blogs: The root concept of the API. A blog has posts and pages. This is the container for blog meta-information like blog name and Description.
  2. Posts: A blog post is the publishable item that the blog author has created. This information is meant to be timely, reflecting what the authors want to publish to the world now. It is understood that as time passes, blog posts content ages and becomes less relevent.
  3. Comments: A comment is the place where people other than the blog post author react to what the author has written. Everything from bricks to bouquets.
  4. Pages: A page is a place for static content, such as biographical information, or the ways to contact the user. This is generally timeless information that doesn't change very often.
  5. Users: A user is someone who interacts with Blogger, be they acting as an Author, an Administrator, or just a Reader. For public blogs, readers may be anonymous, but on private blogs a reader must be identified by Blogger.