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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Boost mode temporarily increases the power of your Cloud Shell VM

From the default g1-small machine type offering to a n1-standard-1 VM instance. This is handy if you'd like to continue working on Cloud Shell and need more CPU or memory resources for a relatively short period of time.
To activate boost mode, find the 'Enable Boost Mode' option under the 'More' menu (the three dotted icon on the top right of Cloud Shell). Once activated, all sessions will be boosted for the next 24 hours. Enabling Boost mode restarts your Cloud Shell and will immediately terminate your session. A new VM will then be provisioned for you which can take a couple of minutes. The data in your home directory will persist, but all running processes will be lost.
Boost mode is subject to regular usage limits. Currently, this feature is experimental and additional limits may be implemented in the future.