Jan 4, 2018

Money market price

Once upon a time, a businessman came to a mountain village. The mountains around the village were full of monkeys. The merchant said to the farmer who grew the land in the village, I bought a monkey, 100 yuan, the villagers do not know is true or false, try to catch a monkey, the businessman really gave 100 yuan, the village people to catch a monkey, this is much easier than farming. Soon the merchant bought more than two thousand monkeys, and there were few in the mountains. At this time, the merchant offered 2000 yuan for a monkey. When the villagers saw that the price of the monkey had doubled, they all went after him and bought it again. But the monkey was hard to catch. The businessman offered another 13,000 yuan for a monkey. The monkey could hardly catch it. Businessmen bid 25,000 yuan each, there are no monkeys on the mountain, more than 3,000 monkeys are in the merchant here. One day, when the merchant was in town, his assistant went to the village and said to the peasants, I'll sell you a monkey for $13,000, and when the merchant comes back, you can sell it to him for $25,000, and you'll be rich. The villagers were so mad that they smashed the pot and sold the iron and made enough money to buy back more than 3,000 monkeys. The assistant left with the money and the businessman never returned... The villagers waited for a long time, believing that the businessman would return 25,000 yuan to buy their monkeys, Finally somebody can't wait, the monkey also eats the banana, this has the expense, put the monkey back on the hill, the mountain is full of monkeys, as before...
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