Thursday, November 22, 2018

Redirect Blogger post to another URL

Login to you Blogger account with Google email ID and password.

Go to your Blogger blog dashboard, then settings >> search preferences.

You can find a Custom Redirects from the Errors and Redirection section. You can enter the old post or URL in the From URL field. Right below this from URL field, you can input the target URL which you like to redirect the old Blogger post or URL to. You can redirect a Blogger post to another URL, for example, you can redirect Blogger posts to WordPress.

There is a permanent option below the To URL, you can check the permanent option to setup 301 redirection on Blogger, leave it unchecked to create 302 redirection on Blogger.

Do not enter the full URL in the From or To field. Just omit the main domain name in the full URL and enter sub directory name and file name, such as /2013/08/redirect-blog-URL.html. Also you can not redirect Blogger URL or post to external links.