Mar 1, 2018

Payara is not set the admin pasword in default.

 It's mean that remote access to Payara Server is disabled in default. Then, at first, you should set the admin password. Use asadmin change-admin password command to set the admin password. see follows;

>asadmin change-admin-password
Enter admin user name [default: admin]>
Enter the admin password>
Enter the new admin password>
Enter the new admin password again>
Command change-admin-password executed successfully.
asadmin change-admin-password command works two tasks, (1) set admin user name, (2) set or change admin password. The input is following items;

admin user name: If use 'admin', you may empty this item
the admin password: current password; In default, it must set empty because the default admin password is empty
the new admin password: input the password
the new admin password again: input the password again
Attention: The first item is admin user name (not password), don't miss.