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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Feminism vs Software

"When I first heard about software is eating the world, I am not very surprise, only a little. I thought software is going to benefit mankind anyway. ( It should be peoplekind in Canada now) When I first heard about feminism, I am not surprise at all. I thought everybody knows female is being oppressed.  Until I began to know that some men being false accused, put in jail. Some of them are depressed and even suicided. If the law is too dark, we need to shed some light on it.  When woman and man put together, and one of them has to sacrifice for the other, it is normally man. This is how the society works. And most people agree with it. Some females are being raped or sex harassed, some boys are being raped too. Most of the predators are men. But they are only part of men. There are many good men and good boys too. In some channels men and boys are being educated in such a way to make them feel guilty or shameful because of their sex. Compare to feminism, software is nothing. Feminism is going to rule the world eventually. Since most mothers treat men well, and as long as their wives are still OK with them, most men do not care about feminism or just support it without knowing how radical some of the ideology is. Men care much more about the temperature of the Sun or green house effect of the earth, or XBOX or SONY'S PlayStation while feminism fights to change the family law to extreme. Many men are smarter in Math or engineering, but terrible in family law. They won't wake up too late until one day their wives tell them they are going to divorce with them. They still believe the law is fare and presumption of innocence is still there when they are arrested by police just by words from their female partners.  It is not software but feminism to rule the world. If you are male and feel ashamed or guilty of your sex, maybe you can choose to trans your sex. The trend is more and more popular. And the price should drop and be more affordable when more and more male choose the option.   "