How to remove a user from Jenkins

Just remove the user from the people table sometimes is not enough.

You need to remove or replace the user from, all the times they exist, in the build.xml file(s) which are under the jobs directory then the name of the job and the builds directory.

You can see what jobs the user is in from web console. Or in the backend:

$ grep -wnir "i88ca" .
./users/zohaibfarooqi/config.xml:3:  i88ca
./users/zohaibfarooqi/config.xml:35:      [email protected]
./jobs/compile-marketing/builds/13/build.xml:63:    i88ca
./jobs/compile-marketing/builds/13/changelog.xml:4:author i88ca  2018-04-04 16:59:12 -0400
./jobs/compile-marketing/builds/13/changelog.xml:5:committer i88ca  2018-04-04 16:59:12 -0400

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