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Sunday, November 18, 2018

How to improve email deliverability

Email deliverability recommendations

Brand your mail:Ensure mails are cleanly formatted and clearly identifiable as originating from your service.

Follow content and formatting best practicesThere are numerous Internet resources which offer advice and best practices for creating well formatted and more deliverable email.

Ensure your email lists are up to dateRemove those who do not want to receive the emails and consider making the unsubscribe process more visible to ensure you are only delivering mail to interested recipients.

Highlight Opt In
Clearly mark your emails so that customers are able to identify that they requested or subscribed to emails from your service.

           Join the Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP)
The JMRP program allows you to see which of your emails users have marked as junk or unwanted mail.  Reviewing the results in JMRP will provide to the most direct information on what characteristics of your email, customers, and ultimately SmartScreen®, consider to be unwanted. This helpful feedback mechanism allows you to ensure that mails being sent from your IP are not resulting in negative feedback that could impact your sending reputation. Being vigilant about users who mark your e-mail as unwanted or the types of messages that are being marked as unwanted can help you keep mailing lists updated with only interested users and modify future campaigns. In addition, monitoring user complaints can help you identify unintended mail traffic or detect a potentially compromised account sending unwanted mail to your customers. 

Join the Smart Network Data Services program (SNDS)
The SNDS program provides data about traffic seen originating from your registered IP, such as mail volume and complaint rates. The data is built from the log files of the inbound mail machines and other servers at and Microsoft and represents factual information about the traffic from your mail servers to users. More information.

Also refer to Enhanced Deliverability white paper.