Jun 8, 2018

Chrome command line switches

--ash-force-desktopForces uses of the desktop version of Chrome
--disable-3d-apisDisables 3D Apis, including WebGL and Pepper 3D
--disable-accelerated-videoDisables GPU accelerated video
--disable-background-modeBackground apps won't continue to run when Chrome exits.
--disable-gpuDisables hardware acceleration using the GPU
--disable-pluginsPrevents all plugins from running
--disable-plugins-discoveryDisables the discovery of missing plugins
--disable-preconnectDisables speculative TCP/IP preconnections
--disable-translateDisables the Google Translate feature
--dns-prefetch-disableDisable DNS prefetching
--enable-kiosk-modeKiosk Mode for Chrome OS
 --incognitoLaunches Chrome directly in Incognito private browsing mode
--media-cache-sizeDisk space used by media cache in bytes
--multi-profilesEnable multiple profiles in Chrome
--new-profile-managementEnable the new profile management in Chrome
--no-experimentsRun Chrome without experiments set in chrome://flags
--no-pingsNo hyperlink auditing pings
--no-referrersUse Chrome without sending referrers
--purge-memory-buttonAdd purge memory button to Chrome
--reset-variation-stateChange the field trials that the browser is currently signed up for
--restore-last-sessionRestore the last session on run
--ssl-version-minSpecify the minimum SSL version accepted
--start-maximizedStarts the Chrome window maximized.