Sunday, November 18, 2018

Format a microSD/SD card on Mac OS X

Open Spotlight  in the top-right area of the screen (CMD + SPACE on the keyboard)
  1. Type Disk Utility (in Spotlight search box)
  2. Press Return on the keyboard
  3. Click the parent icon for the SD card in the sidebar on the left (the parent icon is the one that is not indented. This is not necessary on macOS 10.12 and newer)
    • To determine which drive is the SD card, remove the SD card from the device and observe which drive disappears from the list
    • Insert the SD card again to continue
  4. Click on the Erase option on the right
  5. In the Format drop-down menu, select MS-DOS (FAT)
  6. In the Scheme drop-down menu, select Master Boot Record
    • Available in Mac OS X 10.11+
    • Only shown when the View option is set to "Show All Devices" in 10.13+
  7. In the Name field, type a name/title for the SD card (Do not leave the name as "UNTITLED or NO NAME")
  8. Click Erase