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Sunday, November 18, 2018

MySQL Shell commands

 MySQL  JS > \h
===== Global Commands =====
\help       (\?,\h) Print this help.
\sql                Switch to SQL processing mode.
\js                 Switch to JavaScript processing mode.
\py                 Switch to Python processing mode.
\source     (\.)    Execute a script file. Takes a file name as an argument.
\                   Start multi-line input when in SQL mode.
\quit       (\q)    Quit MySQL Shell.
\exit               Exit MySQL Shell. Same as \quit
\connect    (\c)    Connect to a server.
\reconnect          Reconnect with a server.
\option             Manage MySQL Shell options.
\warnings   (\W)    Show warnings after every statement.
\nowarnings (\w)    Don't show warnings after every statement.
\status     (\s)    Print information about the current global connection.
\use        (\u)    Set the current schema for the active session.
\rehash             Update the auto-completion cache with database names.
\history            View and edit command line history.