Aug 8, 2018

How to manually assign MAC address to VMware virtual machine

To assign the same, unique MAC address to any virtual machine manually, use a text editor to remove three lines from the configuration file and add one line. The configuration file has a.vmx extension at the end of the filename. On a Linux host, a virtual machine created with an earlier VMware product may have a configuration file with a .cfg extension.

Remove the three lines that begin with the following from the configuration file:


In these options, [n] is the number of the virtual Ethernet adapter — for example ethernet0.

Add the following line to the configuration file:

ethernet[n].address = 00:50:56:XX:YY:ZZ

In this line, XX must be a valid hexadecimal number between 00h and 3Fh, and YY and ZZ must be valid hexadecimal numbers between 00h and FFh. Because VMware Workstation virtual machines do not support arbitrary MAC addresses, you must use the above format.