Oct 10, 2018

How to setup an AWS CloudWatch alarm

1. From the AWS console, go to the CloudWatch page. 
2. From the left navigation page, click on ALARMS. 
3. Click on "Create Alarm" and select the metric 
4. In the "Define Alarm" tab, give the name of your Alarm and set a description as you desire. 
5. Set a threshold as you desire. 
6. In the Actions section, select the dropdown next to "Whenever this alarm: " and set it to "State is ALARM". 
7. In the "Send Notification to" dropdown, select the SNS topic to which you want to send this notification to. 
8. Then click on "Create Alarm". This should setup the alarm to notify you

Please refer to following link for more information on CloudWatch Alarms- https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudWatch/latest/monitoring/AlarmThatSendsEmail.html