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You’ll need to install an X server and set the DISPLAY variable before graphical Linux desktop programs will run on your Windows desktop.

There are X server applications you can install on a Windows desktop.

You can run Windows programs from within the Linux environment.

This means you can integrate Windows commands alongside Linux commands in a Bash script, or just run Windows commands from the standard Bash or Zsh shell you may already be using.

Run Multiple Linux Distributions on Windows

You can install Ubuntu, openSUSE Leap, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Debian GNU/Linux, or Kali Linux.

The Cockpit web interface is user-friendly for new to Linux users and seasoned sysadmins too.

You can use ssh to manage your server or use the web interface at any time. There is even an embedded terminal in Cockpit web GUI.

The Cockpit is a free and open source web-based server management tool

The Cockpit web interface is user-friendly for new to Linux users and seasoned sysadmins too. One can see the server in a web browser and perform system tasks with a GUI/mouse. It is easy to start containers, administer storage or users, configure networks, and inspect log files on RHEL 8 and Fedora.
Activate the web console with: systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket

You can install a Linux environment and Bash shell on any edition of Windows 10

You no longer have to enable developer mode in Windows, and this feature is no longer beta.

The best Windows yet

Windows 10 Home delivers faster start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done across multiple devices.

How To Do A Traceroute On windows 10

If you're on a Mac or Linux, then you just type 
traceroute instead.

Apple Pay is one of the best features of the Apple Watch.

If Apple Pay itself is convenient, the Apple Watch doubles down on that simplicity. Your credit and debit cards are right there on your wrist, and the entire purchase process is over in seconds.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are annual juggernauts that produce some amazing opportunities for shoppers and retailers alike.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are annual juggernauts that produce some amazing opportunities for shoppers and retailers alike.

Start using new alerts in Azure Monitor

Classic alerts will be retired on June 30, 2019

How to Locate DELL Service Tag Using Command Prompt

How to Locate System Service Tag Using Command Prompt Navigate to the Command Prompt Window in your computer.Scroll to the right till you get to Command Prompt.On the Command Prompt window, type wmic bios get serialnumber.

A VPN gateway is a specific type of virtual network gateway that is used to send encrypted traffic between an Azure virtual network and an on-premises location over the public Internet.

You can also use a VPN gateway to send encrypted traffic between Azure virtual networks over the Microsoft network.

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Using Windows 10 Settings

Open Start .
Open Settings .
Click Apps.
Click the Apps & features heading.
Click Manage optional features.

Geometric progression

In mathematics, a geometric progression, also known as a geometric sequence, is a sequence of numbers where each term after the first is found by multiplying the previous one by a fixed, non-zero number called the common ratio. For example, the sequence 2, 6, 18, 54, ... is a geometric progression with common ratio 3.

You can set a sleep timer to turn off music playing on Google Home.

You can set one sleep timer per Google Home device.

Multi-Cursor Editing

Using multiple cursors allows you to edit multiple parts of the document at once, greatly improving your productivity.

How to View Downloaded Files in Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge app. If you have downloaded a file, scroll to bottom of the webpage and click on the View Downloads button. To view recently downloaded files click on the Hub button and then click on the Downloads tab. Alternatively, use Ctrl + J keys combination.

Docker containers whether Windows or Linux are backed by Docker tools and APIs

Docker containers help you build better software:Onboard faster and stop wasting hours trying to set up development environments, spin up new instances and make copies of production code to run locally.Enable polyglot development and use any language, stack or tools without worry of application conflicts.Eliminate environment inconsistencies and the "works on my machine" problem by packaging the application, configs and dependencies into an isolated container. Alleviate concern over application security

There are two ways to install Docker on Windows depending on your Windows version.

Docker Installer Method: Windows 10 64-bit Professional, Enterprise, and Education Versions include Hyper-V and therefore will support Docker natively. Docker ToolBox Method: Other editions of Windows 10 or older Windows versions (7 and 8) do not include a hypervisor such as Hyper-V. Therefore, Docker must be installed using Docker Toolbox.

TENS is a non-installable, bootable Linux distribution

TENS stands for Trusted End Node Security, it creates a secure end node from trusted media on almost any Intel-based computer, before booting into the operating system. 
No hard drive is mounted, no installer is offered. It's temporary, it's easy to use, and it turns an untrusted system into a trusted network client.

How to enable PAE Mode in VirtualBox

System > Processor

Where Your Windows System Drive Appears in Linux

Find the C: drive at the following location in the Bash environment:
To change to this directory with the cd command, just type:
cd /mnt/c

Where Windows Stores the Linux Files

Your Linux file system is stored in:

In this folder, double-click the folder for the Linux distribution whose files you want to view: Ubuntu: CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows_79rhkp1fndgscopenSUSE Leap 42: 46932SUSE.openSUSELeap42.2_022rs5jcyhyacSUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12: 46932SUSE.SUSELinuxEnterpriseServer12SP2_022rs5jcyhyac In the Linux distribution’s folder, double-click the “LocalState” folder, and then double-click the “rootfs” folder to see its files. In other words, the files are stored at: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Packages\DISTRO_FOLDER\LocalState\rootfs

Joe Armstrong, the creator of Erlang

Joe Armstrong, the creator of Erlang:

The problem with object-oriented languages is they've got all this implicit environment that they carry around with them. You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle.

AWS offers a broad set of hybrid capabilities to make it easy for you to integrate the cloud as an extension of your existing infrastructure.

Operating in a hybrid architecture is a necessary part of cloud adoption.

Facebook Flaw May Have Exposed Private Photos

Facebook says a software flaw may have exposed private photos of nearly 7 million users, the latest in a series of privacy issues facing the social media company.

iOS official Twitter app is the best app to manage your Twitter account on iPhone and other iOS devices.

You can access all of your Twitter account on your iPhone with ease. Login to your another Twitter account with your other username and password. Likewise, you can add multiple Twitter accounts on your iPhone.

Each Twitter Account Requires a Unique Email Address

When you decide that you want to have multiple Twitter accounts, it is very important that you have more than one email address.

Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites and a great source of news and entertainment, as well as a great way to communicate whether you are a business or an individual.

Many people like to have two Twitter accounts; one for their personal life and one for their business.

Google Lens

Google Lens can copy text, search for products similar to the object the user is trying to capture, identify various species of plants and animals, determine books and different media, and scan barcodes and QR codes.

Google Lens Finally Arrives On iOS

Advanced Communications, Networks, and Scientific Data Systems

Software-defined Networking (SDN) Enabled Secure Inter-Domain Routing
Secure and Distributed Network Measurement
Using the Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) and Domain Name System-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) to Improve Web Browser Security

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Now the content you want can be delivered directly to you without cluttering your inbox with e-mail messages. This content is called a "feed."

RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field that focuses on the ability of a computer to learn, and be capable of processing a human language to the level where it can infer meaning and formulate responses.

Understanding language, sentiments, feelings, opinions are the biggest step towards debating, challenging and collaborating.

When a machine is able to learn this process, it makes it easier for brands to understand customers on a larger, more global scale rather than just as separate, local entities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence showcased by machines.

AI empowers machines to think about, respond to, and perform tasks like humans. It also helps machines learn from experience and adjust to new input.

Find UIComponents of a JSF view in bean

You can get the component tree by FacesContext#getViewRoot() and find a particular component by ID by UIComponentBase#findComponent():
UIViewRoot viewRoot = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot(); UIComponent component = viewRoot.findComponent("someId");

For apps that use your phone number for authentication purposes, iOS 12 introduces a feature that takes a code from an incoming iMessage and copies it to the clipboard

Two-factor authentication is simplified.

China confirms that a second Canadian has been detained

Bomb threats reported across North America demanding money in bitcoin

Install Docker on AWS EC2

[ec2-user ~]$ sudo yum install docker -y

Start the Docker Service

[ec2-user ~]$ sudo systemctl start docker

Add the ec2-user to the docker group so you can execute Docker commands without using sudo.

[ec2-user ~]$ sudo usermod -a -G docker ec2-user

Difference between these VE’s and a traditional VM

The main difference is that in a VE there is no preloaded emulation manager software as in a VM.  In a VE, the application (or OS) is spawned in a container and runs with no added overhead, except for a usually minuscule VE initialization process. There is no hardware emulation, which means that aside from the small memory software penalty, LXC will boast bare metal performance characteristics because it only packages the needed applications.

LXC (LinuX Containers) is a OS-level virtualization technology that allows creation and running of multiple isolated Linux virtual environments (VE) on a single control host.

These isolation levels or containers can be used to either sandbox specific applications, or to emulate an entirely new host. LXC uses Linux’s cgroups functionality, which was introduced in version 2.6.24 to allow the host CPU to better partition memory allocation into isolation levels called namespaces .

How to save private keys?

You should back up your private keys, printing out a paper copy of your private keys is a good way to do this because paper can only be accessed physically rather than being hacked via the internet.

Your customers expect an experience that’s constantly improving.

They demand continuous delivery of innovative, reliable features.

Credit cards are set up so that you don’t have to pay interest on purchases as long as you pay off the statement balance by the due date.

You can make more purchases immediately after the Credit card statement period ends without paying interest. You pay off those purchases the following month. But if you’re carrying a balance, that arrangement goes out the window. Instead, you pay interest on all purchases from the moment each transaction hits your account. To break the cycle of interest, you have to pay off everything -- the previous statement balance, any new purchases that you haven’t been billed for yet and interest on all of it.

IoT connectivity must be robust and reliable: failures, poor coverage and outages could risk revenues and safety.

The industrial IoT requires always-on, ultra-low latency, ultra-reliable and ultra-secure cellular connectivity.

5G does not just mean faster wireless tech

5G has lower latency — defined as the response time between clicking on a link and how fast it shows up.

X-Win32 is X terminal application software for Windows.

X-Win32 allows Windows users to connect to Linux and Unix servers on a network, and run applications from those servers on their Windows desktop. Users can copy and paste data between the X and Windows applications.
X-Win is available from the CMU Computing Services website. Follow the provided instructions. The licence key is in a text file from the download.

Find Windows BitLocker recovery key

Places to look for your BitLocker key: 
On a printout you saved. Look in places you keep important papers. Saved on a USB flash drive. Plug the USB flash drive in to your locked PC and follow the instructions. If you saved the key as a text file on the flash drive, use a different computer to read the text file. In your Microsoft account. To get your recovery key, go to BitLocker Recovery Keys. In your Azure Active Directory account. For work PCs where you sign in with an Azure Active Directory account, to get your recovery key, see the device info for your Microsoft Azure account. 

Edge- How do I enable cookies

Open the Project Spartan app.Click/tap on the more actions button on the toolbar, and click/tap on Settings.Click/tap on View advanced settings towards the bottom.Under Cookies, select to either don’t block cookies (default), Block only third party cookies, or Block all cookies for what you want

Shut down Google+ social media service

Google said on Monday it would shut down its Google+ social media service in April, four months ahead of schedule.

Tencent is among the largest technology companies in the world.

According to The Verge, it is the most valuable company of any sort in Asia.

Git diff un-pushed Commits

git diff origin/master..HEAD

AES is widely used

AES is widely used because

(1) both AES256 and AES128 are recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for long-term storage use (as of November 2015), and (2) AES is often included as part of customer compliance requirements.

Amazon Web Services Key Management Service enables users to create and manage cryptographic keys that protect data in AWS.

Encryption keys are generally used in a single region. For example, data encrypted in one region would be encrypted with a different key than a replicated version of that data stored in a different region. The challenge is keeping track of the keys used to encrypt data across regions.

There are three primary types of keys that need to be kept safe and secure

Symmetric keys – typically used to encrypt bulk data with symmetric algorithms like 3DES or AES; anyone with the secret key can decrypt the data

Private keys – the secret half of public/private key pairs used in public-key cryptography with asymmetric algorithms like RSA or ECDSA; anyone with the private key can impersonate the owner of the private key to decrypt private data, gain unauthorized access to systems or generate a fraudulent digital signature that appears authentic

Hash keys – used to safeguard the integrity and authenticity of data and transactions with algorithms like HMAC-SHA256; anyone with the secret key can impersonate the originator of the data/transactions and thus modify the original data/transactions or create entirely false data/transactions that any recipient will believe is authentic

Cryptographic Key Management Libraries

Use only reputable crypto libraries that are well maintained and updated, as well as tested and validated by 3rd party organizations (e.g., NIST/FIPS)

SwiftKey is a keyboard application for Android and iOS devices

SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type.

5G will include what’s called the Internet of Things

With 5G, everyday objects in our homes and offices are interconnected.

Many experts predict that the emerging 5G wireless technology will revolutionize the world's economy.

Many experts predict that the emerging 5G wireless technology will revolutionize the world's economy. They say it holds the key to a smarter, more efficient, more connected and much wealthier world. 
US and China is fighting for Supremacy in 5G Technology

More Than Half the World’s Population is Using the Internet

The International Telecommunication Union reports that for the first time in history, half of the global population is using the internet.

REST API was bundled in the WordPress core

Once the REST API was bundled in the WordPress core, developers could use it in a decoupled way, which enables faster performance and better security and gives frontend specialists full control over the user experience using their native tools.

Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre named top business incubator

Waterloo's Accelerator Centre named top business incubator

TypeScript language closely follows the ECMAScript spec, implementing most proposals that reach Stage 3.

This means that when you write TypeScript, you're writing modern, standards-compliant JavaScript.

How to fix Linux Could not resolve hostname problem

If you have hostname in your /etc/hosts file but you still get "Could not resolve hostname" issue, check /etc/nsswitch.conf

The order of name resolution is actually defined in /etc/nsswitch.conf, which usually has this entry:
hosts:          files dns which means "try files (/etc/hosts); and if it fails, try DNS."

Dnsmasq provides network infrastructure for small networks

Dnsmasq provides network infrastructure for small networks: DNS, DHCP, router advertisement and network boot. It is designed to be lightweight and have a small footprint, suitable for resource constrained routers and firewalls. It has also been widely used for tethering on smartphones and portable hotspots, and to support virtual networking in virtualisation frameworks. Supported platforms include Linux (with glibc and uclibc), Android, *BSD, and Mac OS X. Dnsmasq is included in most Linux distributions and the ports systems of FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Dnsmasq provides full IPv6 support.

Restart the DNS responder on Mac

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Non-existent Internet Domain Names Definition

NXDOMAIN is nothing but non-existent Internet or Intranet domain name. If domain name is unable to resolved using the DNS, a condition called the NXDOMAIN occurred.

A DNS server is used to translate a domain name into an IP address or vise versa

For example, when you type in your web browser, an authoritative dns server translate a domain name such as into an IP address such as 8.8.4.X

You can easily check if your Linux system is properly configured by using the hostname command.

hostname -d

No output of this command means there is not hostname configured. In that case change your hosts file into this format

Check DNS server used in Linux

nmcli dev show | grep DNS
systemd-resolve --status

First step to fix Linux networking problem

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

Apigee Compass is an essential tool toward achieving digital transformation.

Apigee Compass is an essential tool toward achieving digital transformation.

React Hooks are useful.

They simplify component development in a profound way. They ditch JavaScript classes and go all in on functions.

Jenkins X provides continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery to Kubernetes.

Jenkins X provides continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery to Kubernetes.

React has grown to be the most popular front-end web framework.

There's a lot of interest in building things with it.

RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) is a network protocol that allows remote direct memory access (RDMA) over an Ethernet network.

There are two RoCE versions, RoCE v1 and RoCE v2. RoCE v1 is an Ethernet link layer protocol and hence allows communication between any two hosts in the same Ethernet broadcast domain.

Google G suite Promotion Codes

G Suite Basic
Unused US Code | Expires 06/2019G3TRY44PLWGJ7F9G Suite Basic
Unused US Code | Expires 06/2019Q347KFUUXK9EXRC

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership, through which CERN collaborates with leading ICT companies and other research organizations.

Together to accelerate the development of cutting-edge ICT solutions for the research community.

Google has signed an agreement with CERN to join CERN openlab.

Google has signed an agreement with CERN to join CERN openlab.

One of the most powerful features of Visual Studio Code is the extension model.

Extensionsextendthe capabilities of Visual Studio Code to add a wide range of new capabilities. For example, extensions can be used to add compilers, add spell checking, and integrate with Azure services. Extensions are free and can be added from the Extensions page within Visual Studio Code. You can explore the available extensions in theVisual Studio Code Marketplace.

Visual Studio Code is a popular choice for developing applications for Azure.

It's lightweight, taking up only megabytes of storage space, and works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Microsoft Azure enables you to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, monitor, and scale cloud hosted solutions.

Azure's deployment model is flexible. For example, you can develop in Visual Studio, commit your code to GitHub, build with Azure DevOps, and then deploy to Azure. Or you could use a different integrated development environment (IDE) like Eclipse, develop on Linux, and deploy directly from your development machine to the cloud.

Containers have given rise to new application architectures.

Containers are lightweight and flexible.